This course is set aside for all FHTC Instructors as a resource for Moodle instruction.

Introduction to Psychology is designed to provide a broad overview of a vast, complex discipline. This course in particular should serve as a virtual learning community - how much you gain from it will depend on your participation level.

Interpersonal Communication is the foundation of building and maintaining relationships.

This is a course for all faculty and staff to use for a Varity of things. If you would like to see something put into this course please let Kim Dhority,

This course is to learn how to use Moodle 2.5 from beginning to end.  You will be using the FTHC Moodle 2.5 server to complete this course.  You will be designing items as you go through these lessons.

Underwater Basket Weaving is to cover the basics of basket weaving while treading water.