DNA116 will cover the body systems, physiology and anatomy of those systems and the relationship of the systems to dental treatments. 

This course is a review of DNA 104 and Infection Control. Students will create an OSHA Compliance Notebook reflecting current OSHA regulations in dentistry. Significant regulatory actions by federal, state, and local agencies for the protection of both patients and dental healthcare workers are covered. Basic concepts, specific step-by-step procedures, and the current regulatory mandates related to infection control and the management of hazardous diseases of primary concern to the dental health team is also reviewed. Prerequisite: Completion of all first semester courses with a minimum of a C grade.

Underwater Basket Weaving is to cover the basics of basket weaving while treading water.

DNA PDV 101 is the professional development course for the Dental Assisting Program. The purpose and intent of the course is to guide and facilitate students to long-life learning through the use of various media and examples from others.

This is a fun course in that it allows students a more creative bent for their work while utilizing technology that is not specifically related to patient care. 

Students will recognize anatomical structures, diseases of the dental pulp and the oral soft tissues on radiographs. This course also includes a review of X-ray production, quality control and assurance of diagnostic radiographs. Prerequisite: HYG110 Dental Radiology

Students will compare the benefits and disadvantages of removable fixed prosthodontic restorations. They will also perform model pouring and trimming for the purpose of diagnostic records as well as articulationfor treatment of TMD. This course is a continuation of Dental Materials I for mastery of manipulation of a variety of dental materials. Prerequisite: HYG111 Dental Materials.

These MOCK DANB Exams are a required portion of the DNA201 and DNA220 course. They prepare students for the actual DANB examination.