Residential wiring will cover basic wiring techniques of devices and outlets such as light switches, lights, receptacles, and circuit breakers.  We will also introduce you to the National Electrical Code.

Hello, and welcome to Industrial Engineering Technology.  This is Industrial Electricity, where we will learn the basics of electrical energy.  We will study and practice electrical safety, as well as learn about volts, amps, resistance, AC and DC voltage, and electrical schematics.  We will study and practice wiring parallel and series circuits, including 8 and 11 piin relays.

Industrial wiring covers electrical symbols, diagrams, control logic, solenoids, relays, and generators.

In this course you will discover the basics of PLC programming and communication.  We will start with wiring and communication and then progress through basic programming including timers and counters.  This class is a prerequisite for IET 254 Engineering Energy Applications.

Will be blending mechanics and automation

In this class you will learn about the following:

  - Safety in the workplace
  - Precision measurement
  -Tools used in industry

Underwater Basket Weaving is to cover the basics of basket weaving while treading water.